Living Below The Line for a Week!

I haven’t been a BzzAgent for very long – but their latest campaign has really got me tingling! It’s all in aid of charity, which is obviously great, but it also asks people to challenge themselves and experience a week of  severe poverty. The World Bank states that anyone living on $1.25 or less are living in severe poverty. This amount is our challenge. Although I am left wondering what the hell I will eat, and my friends will think it’s doubtful that this foodie could achieve such a task – I honestly love a challenge and cannot wait to get started.

The Live Below The Line campaign challenges individuals to eat and drink on only £1 per day for 5 consecutive days. Approximately 1.4 billion people live on a £1 a day or less so by joining them in their struggle, whilst raising money for your chosen charity, you can experience the difficulties that they face every single day. This campaign which will run from May 7th-11th is a great way of fundraising, but it also raises awareness too.

My birthday is actually on May 7th so my first day will definitely be my most difficult. No birthday cake, no sweets, no crisps and dip. Ah well, I know it will be 100% worth it. I’ll be documenting my days on my blog, detailing the various meals (or unmeals) I am eating and I’d appreciate all the support I can get.

If you decide to take part, see if your family/friends will join in too, after all it is so much easier if you pull your money together and share meals. For those of you interested in taking part, which I strongly suggest you do, here is the link: There are a range of different charities that you can choose to support and the website gives you lots of help and advice, including recipes etc.

My chosen charity is UNICEF and I am hoping to raise over £150 – here is the link for those of you kind enough to donate –


About jooleea

I am a second year student, studying Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University. I am very excited about the four years ahead of me and can't wait to sink my teeth into some fun journalistic experiences!

One response to “Living Below The Line for a Week!

  1. Hawkiejo

    Hi I have signed up for this too, and am doing it with my family. I look forward to reading your meal ideas. Thinking of recipes has been a real eye opener, I am shocked at how much I spend, keeping to £1 / day will be a real challenge.

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