The Underwear Blues

It’s a deliberately annual and frustrating occurrence. You see this impulse charging at you. You cave.  Surely not again? Surely you have not just spent even more money on Valentine’s Day underwear? Are you…a Fool?

Moments later, you’re standing in front of your bedroom mirror, examining, caressing, posing, wriggling and huffing whilst you try to convince yourself that it was the right choice. The black lace teddy looked vital as it hung there in Agent Provocateur’s window. So why is it now that you are home this familiar feeling of guilt fills you? The answer lies in your underwear drawer. You peek at the many once-worn sexy outfits that have built up after years of anniversaries, birthdays, Christmases and of course, Valentine’s Days, and you realise that this was a step too far.

This is the scenario that greets me every year as Valentine’s Day approaches. I have not fluctuated in weight, I have not out-grown my clothing, underwear is timeless so is still “in fashion” – there is absolutely no excuse for my continuous overspending when it comes to lingerie. It is pure greed. I have argued that I do it for my partner in the past. I want to surprise him with new visual delights. But he doesn’t care, and in fact he is the one who diagnosed me with my illness when he turned around and said that he didn’t mind if I wore knickers more than once. For him to notice such a thing really is worrying.

But I am not the only one who suffers from this curse.

Apparently the average woman spends more than £20,000 on underwear in her lifetime, compared to £1,200 for men. The difference in expenditure is shocking, but not surprising. Emily Bendell, founder and CEO of Bluebella, a social selling lingerie company, says “Wearing fabulous lingerie makes a woman feel confident – it’s just like having a beautiful new handbag or pair of shoes and yet so deliciously secret too!”

Emily created the Bluebella brand because she wanted to treat UK women to “beautiful products that celebrated their sensuality” and she was “shocked by the lack of choice”. She decided that a social selling model would work for her company, as it offers women a “relaxed and informative shopping experience” where they can purchase “high end design and style” for affordable prices. Women have the chance to become Underwear Consultants and host parties selling this beautiful lingerie.

When brands like Bluebella exist, with their elegant designs and feminine structures, it is no wonder that so much money is spent on feeling glamorous underneath. Underwear as a gift is becoming more popular as well. And nowadays it is not uncommon for men to treat their partners to sexy underwear when Valentine’s Day arrives. There is usually a spike in underwear sales figures around February and men are now turning to panties instead of pansies.

But why do we spend so much more money on underwear than men do? Forget the 50% of men who wear their undies for two days running, and the huge commercialisation of barely clad females – ultimately nothing feels nicer than the soft fabric of new knickers. You feel fresh, presentable and weirdly, content. Cute underwear makes you feel feminine. Whether you’re a size six or 16, Keira Knightley or Jennifer Hudson – you can look and feel hot in a flattering bra and pants.

It is the obsessive, compulsive buying that needs to stop.

Let’s take some advice from a real underwear expert. Calvin Klein once said that what he found sexy was “a woman wearing her boyfriend’s t-shirt and underwear”. So this Valentine’s Day raid your man’s wardrobe and find the most ridiculous underwear you can (I’ll be going for the classic ketchup-bottle print “I’m Saucy” boxers). You’ll be saving yourself some pennies and his reaction will be priceless. Who said romance is dead?

Bluebella are currently recruiting Consultants to host Bluebella parties which gives you the perfect chance to work from home and in your own time. If you want to join the Bluebella team, apply online at   




About jooleea

I am a second year student, studying Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University. I am very excited about the four years ahead of me and can't wait to sink my teeth into some fun journalistic experiences!

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