What is with all these HUGE perfume bottles?

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed how big perfume bottles have been gettingpeace-love-juicy-couture-fragrance-daria-strokous-by-steven-meisel? But it has left me wondering why.

Whilst lazing about the house today, I couldn’t help but notice several TV ads with gigantic merchandise. I then flicked through this week’s ‘Look’ mag and again I was blown up and away by these freakishly large containers. I decided to do a little online research.

These bottles actually have a name. They are known as FACTICE perfume bottles. Which is literally translated from Latin as ‘fake’. These bottles are purposely large, but do not contain the real fragrance. Oh no, they are merely for show. Collectors can buy these ‘dummies’ to add a touch of glamour to their household, apparently. 3680_hero

It all seems a little strange. Reasoning behind the sudden enlarged advertisements does not exist. This craze really has taken over it seems – but I can’t work out why. Is it to make clear what the company are selling or is it to give a helping hand to short-sighted people?

So, size zero for the catwalks but size giant for the merchandise. Sounds different. Hm. 

Another thing – I wonder how heavy these bottles are?  Hopefully the skinny little things pictured above don’t hurt themselves.

Men are at it as well. Perhaps the big bottle is compensating for somBang Mac Jacobs Ad 3ething a little smaller. Although most girls wouldn’t complain if this ripped male arrived as an added extra with their purchase. To be quite honest I missed the aftershave first time I looked at this picture. I wonder what distracted me?

I suppose the idea of factices is a good one. It made me stop and wonder, which made me notice the product. All in all PR and advertisers, confusingly, job well done! I suppose.    

The biggest of them all?? large_juicy%20couture%20fragranceHaha!


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I am a second year student, studying Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University. I am very excited about the four years ahead of me and can't wait to sink my teeth into some fun journalistic experiences!

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